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Shambles Vs The Dragonwizard

Image of Shambles Vs The Dragonwizard

£3.00 - On Sale

Hello folks! This is my very first EP in the "Shambles Vs" series. The front cover of the EP features art by up-and-coming artist Neil (osm art) Slorance. Thats it right there. To your left. There you go :)


1. Pssst!
2. Robots
3. Nothing Unfolding
4. My Best Friend Is An Outsider

If you're a fan of folky punky noise and such, this might be a nice addition to your collection :) If you're not sure, go hear a sample of a couple of tracks at along with a few rough demos.
You can also read a couple of reviews, to help you decide! Find links to them at my blog:

Each disc is hand-designed, either by myself or Neil Slorance, so everyone gets a unique record! I hope you'll consider supporting me and buying a copy. Apart from that, have a nice day!

love, Shambles x

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